Pizza Racchetta

Pizza Racchetta

Pizza Racchetta is coming...

Join us at Central Restaurant Sofia to meet the new pearl in our spring and summer menu. When you go to eat pizza, do you sometimes hesitate to ask for a calzone? The solution is easy, it’s Pizza Racchetta. If we had seen it before, it had gone unnoticed, but now we can assure you that now we are going to make our first Pizza Racchetta. The idea is to combine two classics of Italian gastronomy, pizza and calzone, in a single dish, with a single dough but with many possibilities in the filling.

In several places of the network we have been able to know that the Pizza Racchetta is a classic in Naples. In case it seems unattractive to enjoy a pizza and calzone combined, nothing better than seeing the possibilities of coverage or filling obviously, if we do at home has no limits – buffalo mozzarella, pecorino, fresh tomatoes and eggplant in the extended part, while the ‘mango’ of the racket is filled with ricotta and mushrooms.

Well imagine your pizza and your favorite calzone, and take note of the dough that you want to make your Pizza Racchetta at home. If you want some ideas, you will find it, you could choose with ham, with lots of cheese, with vegetables, with fruits … Yes, the choice is yours!

We always serve Italian style pizza – thin and crusty, airy and crispy, with a delicate taste and real plain tomato sauce, gooey, and crazy delicious…

Who treasure healthy and quality food, with real touch from Italy and made in Bulgaria – you are always welcome at Central Restaurant Sofia!

Take your place now!