Wellness - Facial Therapies

The world has long been in search of the secret of eternal youth. We offer specific programs for face with a range of high quality products. Professional cosmetics improves the conditions for maintaining good skin elasticity. Аctive ingredients with repairing action ensure the best operating conditions for the skin. Our expert is ready to help you to restore your beauty, health and peace with several different facial therapies.

Price list of Facial Therapies :


For mature ladies to restore the skin youth mechanisms, thanks to the wild yams extract – the natural source of DHEA the hormone of youth.  The chicory extract has a retinol-like effect on mature skin without any irritations.  The skin restores density, elasticity, the surface becomes smooth and pigmentation fades away.  4-6 treatments once a week.  Price:  80 EUR / 156.64 BGN


The cosmetic alternative for botox and mesotherapy with hyaluronic acid + the effect of anti-ageing vaccine.  Smooths the lines and wrinkles, slows down the ageing process.  4-6 treatments once a week.  Price:  80 EUR / 156.64 BGN

Energy Lift Therapy.  Non surgical Dermo Cosmetics – Reshaping facial contours

“Non surgical” treatment that completely restructures the face oval by associating 2 effects – filling and slimming.  Plumping up effect enables refilling cutaneous tissues and smoothing localized wrinkles.  Slimming action is localized action on cheeks and neck, which allows to reshape the facial contours.  Price:  80 EUR / 156.64 BGN

Genxskin Therapy Anti-Aging Control System

A high-performance method that can protect the skin and stimulate its vital functions.  It stimulates 14 genes of the skin cells to bring back the young look in only two weeks.  The skin is lifted, facial contours are reshaped, the skin looks younger.  Price: 80 EUR / 156.64 BGN

Meso-Vit Therapy

A “Vitamin-booster effect” due to a supply of 3 Vitamins (Vit A, Vit C and Vit E:  regeneration, lightening and protective.  The effectiveness of each vitamin is strengthened by the “skinjection” effect.  Meso-roller is a special device with tine needles which stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin and has an immediate lifting effect.  Price:  75 EUR / 146.85 BGN